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Laser Equipment

High precision Welding Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Machine Introduction

Energy detection functionReal-time detection of laser energy and average output power, timely detection of abnormalities and activation of protection procedures.

Energy feedback functionPower feedback probe comes energy, real-time check the size of the laser energy to ensure that a pad consistency.

Effectively resolve fluctuations in laser output energy caused by external factors such as mains fluctuations, xenon lamp aging, and changes in water flow and temperature.

Favorite waveform settings

32 sets of different welding process parameters can be set. In the single group mode, there are 24 inflection points, the inflection point width is 0-15ms, and the inflection point width is 0-100%,so as to meet different welding needs.

Multifunctional external protection portThe power supply is provided with multiple external protection ports to monitor the water temperature, pressure and flow of the equipment in real time.High-speed switchingof multiple optical paths

The control system has an automatic shutter control function, which can realize time and energy splitting.